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Recruits is a small, publicly traded company (OTC: RCTS) that focuses exclusively on providing software, hardware and services for the global SAP HANA market.  


For our customers in the public sector:  We are majority owned by the Chavez family, qualifying us a minority-owned company; and, our offices are located in a federally designated HUBZone.


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Supplier diversity quotas aren't the only reason to purchase your SAP BI tools such as SAP HANA, Business Objects Suite, BW, BPC, MDM and Lumiera through us.  Our practitioners work with the software daily, across multiple sectors.  This experience grants perspective to help clients better understand SAP software purchases.

Every platform provider will assure you that their solution is best.  The onus is on you to judge the underlying infrastructure that will power your new BI or ERP platform.  Without past experience, how does one accomplish this objectively? Our team can help guide decision away from a platform that will cripple efforts.


In the coming years, SAP HANA will underlie the majority of SAP instances for SAP's 240,000+ customers worldwide.  Recruits was establish to train, deploy and mature the persons that will eventually run the SAP installations of the most important corporations and governments in the world.  




Value Based. Fixed Fee SAP Solutions.

Most consulting organizations make money by staffing bodies and "churning" billable hours.  Our project plans and implementation methodologies are so precise that we can erase the "churn" worry from the mind of a client.


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SAP HANA is the Future.

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SAP HANA is the Future